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Title: Even in a Crowd

It's not that she separates herself by design, but even as the rest of the BELLS girls filter in, chattering and laughing as they drop their bags and sink into their own warm-up routines no one spares her more than a passing glance or a quick wave. It's not intentional, Ren knows. It's just another one of those lingering effects of what happened, another subtle reminder that she's no longer entirely human. And while her troupe mates might not realize that consciously, it's always there, encouraging them to pull away. Making them ever so slightly uncomfortable with what lies under the surface.

Under the mask.
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(25 Drabbles) TABLE SET #1
#01 - Strength #02 - Music #03 - Cold #04 - Lies #05 - Talent
#06 - Heart #07 - Fire #08 - Nervous #09 - Blue #10 - Friendship
#11 - Forever #12 - Late #13 - Moment #14 - Forget #15 - Scream
#16 - Passion #17 - Alone #18 - Fear #19 - Courage #20 - Wait
#21 - Writer's Choice #22 - Writer's Choice #23 - Writer's Choice #24 - Writer's Choice #25 - Writer's Choice
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Ren is a changeling, which means that her human appearance is really just a sort of persistent illusion over her actual appearance. So, it's important to know who can see through the illusion, and to let people know what they see.

For those who can see through her Mask her general form is the same, but her ears taper to points, and her eyes are slightly larger and darker. The angles of her face are sharper as well, pushing her into uncanny valley territory for some people. Her hair is a deep, nearly purple color now, with a texture somewhere between hair and silky fur, and shot through with streaks of vivid blue reminiscent of a butterfly's wings. Though she isn't any taller, her limbs are longer, and she's thinner, with almost no noticeable curve of hip or chest.

So please comment here if your character/characters can see her true appearance and also if they can see it all the time or if they have to make effort to do so.
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Title: saturday afternoons with papa
Prompt: home

She's covered in flour, which Mama will undoubtably see and fuss about, no matter how hard she and Papa try to brush her off. But that doesn't matter right now when she's happily shaping tangzhong dough into bunny buns, using Papa's special dough shears to separate out the ears while she kicks her legs on the too tall stool that lets her actually reach the counter.

"You don't have to be so exact, Hinata-chan," Papa says, and she looks up with a smile.

"I want them to be perfect," she replies.

Papa laughs and ruffles her hair. "We'll make a baker of you yet."
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Title: Sometimes, The Shadows Bring Light
Prompt: music

It had been intended as a competition, of course - almost everything is between the self-styled rulers of the realm. And those like herself are the play pieces, toys and trophies to show off in their masters' endless games. But the lady brought a young man with a crystal voice, and he sings... The language may be different, but she knows the song.

Zeit, dass wir uns endlich sprechen...

She's not supposed to sing, will pay dearly for doing so, but when his voice fades out she draws breath to continue.

Tomodachi o wasure wa...

Their eyes meet with new clarity, and voices blend, in defiance of their masters' wills. Memory thought forever forgotten returns on the notes of a song.
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Title: Moments Like Glass
Prompt: "After all this, don't start to hate me, okay?"

Hands and mouths roam with frenzied abandon, and the slickness between Ren's legs isn't just sweat, even though the summer heat in Shirahame means both of them were drenched even before... all this. Her heart pounds as Hikari's hands run under her shirt, long clever fingers making short work of the clasps of Ren's bra, teasing both it and shirt up and off.

Ren feels her her breath quicken as Hiakari's touch draws forth new and welcome sensations. She wants this, oh how she wants this, her back arching into the other girl's touch.

And then a seagull cries outside, it's harsh voice cutting across the haze of heat and desire and want. The moment shatters like an impact on glass, a giant crack shattering the moment. They aren't at school right now, but all it would take is one person seeing, one person even suspecting...

"I can't" she says, jerking away, and grabbing for her too-recently discarded clothes. "I can't risk it"

There's hurt in Hikari's eyes, overlaid with both understanding and anger. "Because everything's always about your future isn't it?" she says softly, and Ren feels the crack spiderweb into a million more. "Go" Hikari says, flapping a hand, even as she turns away.

The moment is lost. It won't come again.


Sep. 9th, 2013 09:54 am
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She wraps her hands around the teacup and sighs, her gaze lifting to stare out the window of the small cafe. The rain streaks down the glass, stripping everything outside to bare impressions of light, color, and movement. But even though the rain smears it into just broad streaks of color, she knows that across the street is the poster, bearing the face that both is and is not her face. Even through the rain her gaze is focused on it, a long moment of silence, hands gripped tightly around the tea cup, gazing out at what has been lost.

By the time she returns focus to it, her tea's gone cold.
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Title: A Dance in Paper
Story/Setting: Stolen Dreams 'verse
Table: Emotions & Mundane
Prompt: 064 - Paper Craft
Word Count: 145 words
Rating: General
Summary: It's just the art of going from simple to complex. That makes something beautiful.
Warnings: None

It always starts with a simple square. There are models made from other shapes of course; rectangles, triangles, even a circle or two. But she prefers to stick to the traditional, the magic of transforming the square into something infinitely more complex. One fold, and then another, each building off of the previous, always razor edge precise. Mistakes now will ruin the whole thing. Simple square on to base - traditional forms, learned and memorized so long ago the teaching is forgotten. There the true work begins, the final shape slowly revealing itself. It's almost like a dance, each step a fold, individually nothing, but strung together, beauty out of the simplest form.

She can't design her own models, still bound to instructions from others, but that doesn't negate the beauty of the final product.

Not every dancer needs to be a choreographer, after all.
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Title: gentle fears
Summary: masks on top of masks. To hide the memories.

She knows, logically, that this is what rehearsals are about )
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NAME: Miyaki Ren
KANJI: 宮岐 恋 (written as 宮岐 蓮 now)
TROUPE: Hoshigumi | Star Troupe
ROLE: Otokoyaku
STATUS: Retired*

HEIGHT: 168 cm
BIRTHDAY: 17th of March
HOMETOWN: Fukuoka, Kyushu
FAVOURITE COLOURS: Royal blue and dark green
HOBBIES: Fashion design
COLLECTIONS: Stuffed animals, especially unicorns
ORIGIN OF STAGE NAME: Decided on it with her parents
FAVOURITE ROLE: Cameo from the Sun and Shadow shinjin koen
WOULD LIKE TO TRY PLAYING: A tragic antihero


Sun and Shadow - Tharin Melis
The Servent's Prophecy/Laughing Moon - Herald
Rose of Versailles - Oscar and Andre - - Michel (French Guardsman)
The Boys of the Game(Bow Hall) - Jason
Winter's Song/Bridge of Dreams - Leszek
Ephemeral Love/Rejoice!
The Butterfly and the Sword - Chen Fu Lin
The Lion's Daughter(Bow Hall)
Blue Tears(Chunichi) - Ryo
Clockwork Melody
West Side Story [Debut]


Sun and Shadow - Cameo Nikolas (lead role)
The Servent's Prophecy/Laughing Moon - Carl Reinhart
Rose of Versailles - Oscar and Andre - - Alain de Soissons
Winter's Song - Lord Ambros
Ephemeral Love - Prince Philippe
The Butterfly and the Sword - Messenger
Clockwork Melody
West Side Story
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Honestly, she’d expected to be more nervous than she was. It had, after all, been over a year since she’d last been on a stage of any kind, and even longer since she’d had to truly audition for anything. But no matter what Miu-san might think, no director could be both as terrifying and exacting as her Lord had been, so Ren found herself approaching the audition with something close to genuine excitement. And that was what scared her, more than the audition. It was a huge risk she would be taking, assuming she got the role. Sato-san thought she was crazy for even thinking about it. He’s spent the better part of an hour lecturing her on how she was just setting herself up to be found again, that she was putting everyone at risk. As the eldest changeling in the Tokyo area, it was his job to be cautious, to try to keep everyone safe. But he understood how hard it had been for her to stay off the stage, especially as her double received a top star’s retirement in her place. And in the end, he’d lent her the money she’d asked for, as she’d known he would. She hated having to ask for it, but she needed new dance shoes for the audition.

“If you’re going to do this,” he’d grumbled, as he counted the yen out into her hand, “Make it worth it. If you fail, I’ll double your interest on this loan.”

She resisted the urge to laugh. Sato-san meant that after all - he never said something he didn’t mean. But it was the closest to a ‘good luck’ she could expect from the old man. Instead, she’d smiled, bowed, and thanked him profusely. She wouldn’t fail.
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Title: Toys
Story/Setting: Stolen Dreams 'verse
Table: Emotions & Mundane
Prompt: 062 - Toy
Word Count: 556
Rating: General
Summary: Does misery poker ever have a point?
Warnings: None

Of Toys and Pets and Tools )
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001Affection 002Corpse 003Gratitude 004Drain 005Sadness
006Anger 007Old Clothes 008Euphoria 009Brush 010Shade
011 Annoyance 012Calendar 013Remorse 014Doorway 015Contempt
016Angst 017Perfume 018Fruit 019Cherries 020Shyness
021Happiness 022Bicycle 023Grief 024Ruler 025Awe
026 Frustration 027Hula Hoop 028Worry 029Apron 030Surprise
031Interest 032Crumpled Paper 033Hysteria 034Call 035Horror
036Misery 037Dog Food 038Hatred 039Glass 040Wonder
041Suffering 042Empty Bottle 043Pride 044Stains 045Apathy
046Disappointment 047Sign 048Disgust 049Firewood 050Pity
051Jealousy 052Lace 053Depression 054Orbs 055Charcoal
056Embarrassment 057Knife 058Lust 059Spoon 060Anxiety
061Curiosity 062Toy 063Despair 064Paper Craft 065Rage
066Regret 067Sugar 068Shame 069Plates 070Dirty Window
071Fear 072Trash 073Envy 074Bookcase 075Tools
076Guilt 077Box 078Love 079Bell 080Cage
081Hope 082Doll 083Ecstasy 084Rubber 085Wheels
086Empathy 087Button 088Desire 089Story 090Keys
091Loathing 092Pile of Rocks 093Sorrow 094Favorite Chair 095Broken Table
096Writer’s Choice 097Writer’s Choice 098Writer’s Choice 099Writer’s Choice 100Writer’s Choice
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How's My Driving?

Have anything to say about how I play Ren? Any plot ideas or CR requests? Drop'em here


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