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Name:Miyaki Ren
[character name]:Miyaki Ren
[player eljay]: [ profile] otokoyakudream
[messenger]: [ profile] palmedfire
[e-mail]: palmedfire at gmail
[4th walling?]: N/A

AppearanceHer human glamour -

Her true form - Her general form is the same, but her ears taper to points, and her eyes are slightly larger and darker. The angles of her face are sharper as well, pushing her into uncanny valley territory for some people. Her hair is a deep, nearly purple color now, with a texture somewhere between hair and silky fur, and shot through with streaks of vivid blue reminiscent of a butterfly's wings. Though she isn't any taller, her limbs are longer, and she's thinner, with almost no noticeable curve of hip or chest.

Miyaki Ren is not an actual member of the Takarazuka Revue. She is a fictional character and I am using the institution of the Takarazuka Revue as background and inspiration. No offense or copywrite impingement is intended. For her icons I am borrowing the face of the actress Ouki Kaname, who belongs to herself.
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